We, at CNC monitors have been manufacturing  and repairing hundreds of CNC machinery (CRT/LCD) monitors for the CNC Machine tool utilizers.Since they are so reliable,breakdown of these machines causes huge losses in productivitty and income.Add to this the exhorbitant prices quoted for OEM replacements,and the company lands in a huge soup till a solution is found.That is where we come in ; With CNC machinery replacement CRT & TFT monitor, Displays, Screens and Video Displays for CNC machine tools rom 16 different manufacturers over 89 different models manufactured by them,CNCmonitors now caters to all your repair and replacement needs.


Our services extend to various monitor types like mono, green, amber, colour 9", 12", 14" and 15 inch as equivalent replacements for the corresponding industrial OEM CNC monitor.If the product is beyond repair,then we provide an adequate replacement at  a price which is substantially lower and reasonable than the various machine tool manufactures.

We Replace / Repair/ Refurbish all types of CNC machinery monitor including Mazak CNC CRT monitor, Matsushita CNC CRT monitor, Siemens CNC CRT monitor, Fanuc CNC CRT monitor, GE Fanuc CNC CRT monitor, Heidenhain CNC CRT monitor, Hitachi CNC CRT monitor, Toshiba CNC CRT monitor, Mitsubishi CNC CRT monitor, Sharp CNC CRT monitor, Tatung CNC CRT monitor, Totoku CNC CRT monitor and Magnetek CNC CRT monitor. 

CNC monitors also has the facilities of Testing of Faulty CNC  monitors.The group has supplied over 4000+ monitors over the years, later Including the many othersThe technology we use is completely up to the mark, providing you the best solution available from our side.

Fanuc replacement monitor was the main imputus behind the continued research and development of replacement CNC machinery monitor.Our major Concerns are of Quality, each of our CNC machinery monitor goes through severe testing, including vibrational, so that the monitor will arrive in your factory and ready to be installed and work.We address all queries now from any part of India.

We can be contacted for any enquiries through:


Telephone : +91-20-24250666/999 

Testing of your CNC machinery monitor is also available assuming that it is a monitor that we offer repairs upon.